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A lot of kids coming from neighboring countries don't attend school in Russia because of bureaucracy or lack of formal documentation required for school registration. But the main challenge is Russian language. Even those foreign students who are allowed to attend schools in Russia find it extremely difficult to understand teachers and follow the program. 

Lyceum Kovcheg-XXI provides them with the opportunity to get education. First, students study in a separate class. There are two classes for primary and secondary education.

Our school is not an ordinary one. And our methods of teaching are unusual as well. Teaching language is subdivided into: Russian grammar, writing texts and studying while playing. Children stage plays, create audiobooks, play table games, watch Russian films and listen to music, make sculptures, using the new language. They have 15 hours of Russian a week.

After getting some basic language skills children join local students classes according to their age. By the end of the year foreign students attend all the lessons together with the local ones. Also they go for excursions around Moscow to get acquainted with Russian culture, traditions and history. The program lasts 1 year. After that we can say that students are ready to study at government schools.

Every Saturday we conduct lessons for the kids who are allowed to attend government schools, but understand nothing because of the lack of the language skills. In “Kovcheg 21” they improve their knowledge of Russian and other basic disciplines for free.

As well on Saturdays we organize lessons for young working people. Some of them need to improve their Russian, some need to pass state exams. They study Russian, English, computer science and maths. Those who cope up well get a scholarship.

We welcome everyone who wants to study but finds himself in a difficult situation at the moment.